The internet-born music unit Konya anomachikara a.k.a YORUMACHI – known for "Kuufuku (starring VALSHE)" the ending theme song of "Detective Conan" – will hold their premiere headliner concert in Shibuya, Tokyo.


He will be featuring special guests: VALSHE and Airi Miyakawa!


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Nora, 23 years old vocaloid producer.
Lyric writing, composing, arranging, and mixing.

In 2021, Nora formed a unit called Konya anomachikara a.k.a YORUMACHI, in which he teams up with a female guest vocalist to perform his songs. On June 5th 2021, he started his career by posting "Shonin Tousou". The song tells the story of Nora and Layla, a man and woman who hope to escape from their stagnant lives and change the world oneday.
Their 7th single "Kuufuku," released in February 2023, became a hot topic as the ending theme song for the TV anime "Detective Conan".

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