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はっぴー侵略計画?!~姫熊りぼん 1st One Man Live~


Whether it's the broad minded ASMR or the unique world she creates to fascinate her fans, 姫熊りぼん is holding her 1st online, 1st solo live performance.
Let's get wrapped up in her world at her first-ever live performance!
*Access to the ASMR performance after the main livestream performance is not possible with the online ticket.

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はっぴー侵略計画?!~姫熊りぼん 1st One Man Live~アーカイブ


ライブ配信終了後準備が整い次第 〜 2022年10月17日(日)23:59まで

5,500 Yen

You need to purchase a ticket to watch.


ライブ配信終了後準備が整い次第 〜 2022年10月17日(土)20:59 まで


ライブ配信終了後準備が整い次第 〜 2022年10月17日(日)23:59まで何度でもご視聴いただけます。






















はっぴー侵略計画?!~姫熊りぼん 1st One Man Live~

Streaming Date and Time
Sat, September 17, 2022
Start at 7:00 PM (Doors open at 6:30 PM~)

5,500 Yen

This stream has ended.

・Ticket sales period

from 19:00 on Friday, August 26, 2022 until the end of the livestream on Saturday, September 17, 2022


・Archive Live Streaming

The archive will begin as soon as the preparations are finished after the livestream.
Viewers can watch the archive as many times as they want until 23:59 on Sunday, October 17, 2022.


The purchase of a ticket for the Saturday, September 17th livestream ""はっぴー侵略計画?!~姫熊りぼん 1st One Man Live~"" includes access to the archive stream.
For people who haven't purchased a ticket to the Saturday, September 17th livestream ""はっぴー侵略計画?!~姫熊りぼん 1st One Man Live~,"" the purchase of an archive stream ticket is necessary to access the archive.

・Video & Audio Recording Bans

Recording is prohibited for this streaming.

However, it is permitted to take screenshots of streaming screens and upload the shot "still images" on various Social Media and WEB services.


・Viewing Test

Please check whether the video and audio play work without any problems on your device from the following sample video page.


Artist Info




“Hello bears I am Ribon Himekuma, a motherly yandere space bear!🧸🎀

A small space bear from a bear planet.

She has a dream to invade mankind with Happy, and started her activities as an idol VTuber.

In between activities, she studies the Earth and searches for "Friends”...

Activity genre: Singing/ASMR/gaming/acting


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