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"mzsrz" is a girl band that can neither dance nor laugh well, but only sing.

The five-member group "mzsrz", which possesses a variety of emotions with only their singing voices, will release the video of their live without audience at WALL&WALL in Tokyo in September as an online live (recorded video).


FZ (Guitar/Manipulation) of "sfpr", a pioneer of electro-rock incorporating dubstep and drum'n'bass, will be the bammer, and the drummer will be "Eiji Matsumoto", a member of "FACT", a pioneer of loud bands, who is currently active as a drummer of "Ken Band". (FZ and Eiji are also active as "Radical Hardcore Clique", an irregular band consisting of 2 DJs and drums).


Also, the guitarist Mas Kimura from "NOTHING TO DECLARE" and "JPME", who has had a close relationship with these two musicians, joined the group. In addition, the super bassist "Mashiro Shirakami" who is also active in supporting "Mafumafu" and other bands while working as an artist with the same band scene background, and "Hitoshi Hiramaki" who is active as a pianist in "Shikidrop" on keyboards, are members with solid techniques have gathered to perform mzsrz's various music arrangements with excellent reproducibility!


performed by mzsrz
guitars : FZ (sfpr / Radical Hardcore Clique)
bass: Mashiro Shirakami
keyboard: Jin Hiramaki (Shikidrop)
drums: Eiji Matsumoto (KEN BAND / Radical Hardcore Clique)
live sound arrangement & Manipulation: FZ
venue: WALL&WALL, Tokyo, JP
produced by maximum10

Ticket Info


Streaming Date and Time
SAT, March 5, 2022,
at 7:00 p.m. (Doors open at 6:30 p.m.)

This stream has ended.

・Free ticket sales period

Tuesday March 8, 2022 at 9am JST until the end of live streaming.

 * There is no archived streaming of this performance.


・Video & Audio Recording Bans

Recording is prohibited for this streaming.

However, it is permitted to take screenshots of streaming screens and upload the shot "still images" on various Social Media and WEB services.


・Viewing Test

Please check whether the video and audio play work without any problems on your device from the following sample video page.




Released on Wednesday, March 16

mzsrz 1st album “GENZAICHI MIMEI”

The first album produced by DECO*27. In addition to Rockwell, Teddyloid, and Police Piccadilly, an up-and-coming painter participated in this new music illustrated book that covers the "now”.



The album contains a total of ten songs, including six diverse singles, which includes the debut song "Yoake(Dawn)," which reveals the real "darkness (anxiety)" and "hope (signs)" felt at the start of a journey, which was produced by DECO*27 through individual interviews with each member before their debut. 


Also, Teddyloid's unusually emotive "Noise Canceling," the theme song for the movie "Chocolat's Magic," which anticipates the Hyper Pop scene that is gaining worldwide attention, "Unbalance," "Invader" and "Echo (the ending theme song of the drama "Silver Plan: Starting Over with JK.)," which are reminiscent of 90's and 00's punk and melodic hardcore by Rockwell, who has a deep knowledge of loud music, and "Filter (theme song for the drama "Love is frustrating for managers and company employees")," a neo-city pop song by Police Piccadilly.

Artist Info

Artist Info


The five-member group consists of teenage vocalists Kirari Ohara, Yui Sakuyama, Saneka, Yuyun, and Yosei, who met at the next-generation audition "YORUYAN" produced by Avex and TV Tokyo and won the audition. They have "diverse voices" and "possessed voices" that are as colorless and transparent as water.

With "DECO*27" as the music producer, the song represents the subtleties of the mind that everyone has in their adolescence. The concept is."From us, who were strangers, to you, who are still strangers.” 

The girls, who are also ordinary teenagers, sing "MICRO MUSIC," a song that describes the trivial details of the ordinary lives of one of anonymouses "alone". 

The girls simply sang with an overwhelmingly life-sized voice about the misplaced anxiety and unanswered frustration that we all hold in our ultra-shyness.







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