April 1, 2024 Brain Crash Theatre [DRAMAtical Murder] Flashback On Sale Now!


Crash your brain with "Dramatical Murder"!


This video is of a performance of the 'Ren Route', recorded in 2023.

< Story >
The distant future.

Midorijima, an island in Japan's south west, is an island divided - home to both 'Platinum Jail', a luxurious members-only resort owned by one of Japan's leading conglomerates, Toue Concern, and to the 'Old Residential District', where the original reisdents of the island have been forcibly relocated by rapid and aggressive development.

Within the 'Old Residenital District', two games in particular are popular. On one hand - 'Ribsteez', where teams are formed to fight over territory in hand-to-hand combat. And on the other - 'Rhyme', a vast virtual reality where 'Rhymers' battle and compete against one another in digital matches.

Our protagonist Aoba doesn't really care for either of these. All he wants is to be able to live a relaxed and happy life in the 'Old Residential District' with his grandmother.

However, something strange is beginning to happen - something that not only threatens Aoba's peaceful days, but all of Midorijima.

< Cast >

Aoba: Naotake Tsuchiya

Koujaku: Aren Kohatsu
Noiz: Rikiya Tomizono
Mink: Takanori Yamaki
Clear: Yuki Yamagata

Virus: Yuya Tominaga
Trip: Dai Isono
Mizuki: Naoya Iwaki
Akushima: Tetsuya Makita

Ren/Sei: Shogo Yamazaki

Itsuki Oishi
Tatsuki Okamura
Farell Shawn Kanda
Keigo Yamanaka



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