Z-aN Member Terms of Use

These Member Terms of Use are the membership terms that are to be applied at all times during the use of the service provided on the “Z-aN” platform (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”) by Avex Technologies, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”). If the user is subject to limitation of his/her capacity to act, such as being underage, please be sure to consent and agree to these Member Terms of Use after obtaining the consent of your legal representative (guardian, parents, etc.).

1. Consent to the Member Terms of Use

2. Accounts

3. About My Page

4. Paid Content

5. Communication Function

6. Prohibited Items

The Member is prohibited from taking the following actions with regard to use of the Service. When there is a violation, the Company may, without any prior notice, take measures that the Company considers necessary for operating the Service, such as immediately suspending use of the Service by the Member, deleting their account, and deleting information that was uploaded.

7. ExemptionsThe Company does not provide any guarantee for the following matters:

8. Change, suspension, termination, etc of the Service

The Company may, at its convenience and without prior notice to the Member, change the details of the Service, suspend the Service due to maintenance of the servers, or terminate the provision of the Service. The Company will not bear any responsibility even in cases where the Member suffer damages caused by the change, suspension, or termination of provision of the Service.

9. Usage Suspension, etc

In the event the Company determines that a Member falls under one of the following items, the Company may, at its discretion, without giving any notice, temporarily suspend, restrict, or terminate usage of the Service by the Member concerned, delete the whole or a part of posted content, or delete the registered account. Further, even in the event the Member suffers damages, loss, or expense through these acts of the Company,the Company will not return or compensate such expense or damages.

10. Changing, Addition, or Abolition of Services

11. Intellectual Property Rights, Etc

12. Business Outsourcing

The Company may outsource and have all or a part of the business of the Service performed by a third party (includes third parties in foreign countries); the Member acknowledges this in advance.

13. Compensation for Damages

14. Handling of Personal Information

The handling of registered information about the Members of the Service and Member information shall follow the provisions of the privacy policy for the Service of this Company, and the Member shall consent to the handling of registered information and Member information according to the said privacy policy.

15. Transfer, Etc, of Position Under These Member Terms of Use

16. Separability

In cases where some of the provisions prescribed in these Member Terms of Use are found to be invalid, the validity of provisions other than those found to be invalid shall continue in force. In this case, the provision found to be invalid shall be replaced as a matter of course with a valid provision that can accomplish the originally intended economic purpose to the extent possible, and the Member will be deemed to have consented to this in advance.

17. Governing Law / Court with Jurisdiction

These Member Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan and shall be construed under those laws.All disputes / problems between the Company and its users caused by or arising in relation to these Member Terms of Use and the use of the Service by the users of the Service shall be under the jurisdiction of the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court in the first instance by mutual consent, depending on the amount in controversy.

Terms of Use for “Z-aN LIVE”

The Company provides the live viewing service “Z-aN LIVE” (hereinafter referred to as “Z-aN LIVE”) as one part of the Service. Z-aN LIVE is provided to users who meet the conditions specified by the Company and who have consented to the Terms of Use for“Z-aN LIVE” (hereinafter referred to as “these Terms of Use”), and Z-aN LIVE is subject to the application of the Z-aN Member Terms of Use

, these Terms of Use, as well as the terms of use and guidelines, etc., separately prescribed by the Company for Z-aN LIVE.

1. Use of Z-aN LIVE

2. Content to be Distributed

3. Rights and Handling of Distributed Content

4. Comment Function

5. Changing of these Terms of Use

The Company may change these Terms of Use at its discretion When revising these Term of Use, the details will be published on the Z-aN LIVE website while at the same time the User will be notified according to the method prescribed by the Company After notification of said changes to these Terms of Use, the User will be deemed to have consented to the changed Terms of Use with the arrival of the effective date that was notified or by using the Service

Established on July 26, 2020
Revised on September 10, 2020
Revision date October 21, 2021